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Monday, August 02, 2010

I should like to suggest

Have you ever followed a police patrol car on a UK motorway? They'll be driving at 68mph in a 70mph zone so you can creep past whilst still obeying the law. I have a lot of respect for patrol car drivers - in my estimation they know their stuff and they give a good example in their driving habits.

Here in Spain we have to wear seat belts - a good thing. Amazingly police officers at local and national level and the Guardia Civil (who deal specifically with traffic) must have an exemption - they go around beltless. How odd is that?

So I just emailed the Interior Minister and asked him why. I expect a reply. As Willie Whitelaw once said to me when I, amazingly, got through to him on the phone "Why do you think I have a phone on my desk?" - Señor Rubalcaba has an email address at least.

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