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Life in Culebrón is a disconnected series of pieces about the banal and ordinary of everyday life in an inland Alicante village seen from my very British perspective.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tourist offices

I usually start most phrases in Spanish with a mistake. It comes from my insecurity about speaking. This, as often as not, is the cue for any Spanish person who can manage a few broken words of English to take over the conversation.

Yesterday we went to the tourist office in Yecla to pick up a map that we knew existed showing the delights of Murcia province. I vaguely remembered that there were cave paintings close to Yecla which means within easy striking distance of Culebrón.

I fluffed my lines but the Information person picked up what we were after and produced said map. Then she started to explain about the place we wanted to see, we asked a question, she expanded the detail, she produced another map - and so it went until we had a fistful of leaflets and maps and all the information we needed. She never once doubted that we understood what she was saying or talked to us as though we were imbeciles

Maggie commented, as we walked away, on the quality of the tourist people in Murcia. We remembered how well we'd been treated at the office in Jumilla when we asked about the bodega tours. No condescending attitude, quality information and, on that occasion, she even rang and booked a tour for us. In Cartagena they are busier and perhaps a little more brusque but their information is always good and nearly always includes the stuff you need - the where, when and how type information.

We saw the cave paintings and we're thinking of going back to Yecla today to see all those things that we've missed before. Good result all round.


Rob Innis said...

Chris - great stuff as usual, and glad your site is up! Unlike our other friends.....

Sonu Ge said...

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kamal bhai said...

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jeremy said...

from early days in Spain, when my pal Mary and Mummy (hers not mine) went to Murcia and arrived back with fistfulls of posters to liven up my (and later your)flat, to visits and camping excursions with sonia and ethan to their excellent tourist website, i have long thought that Murcia tourist board is a big winner!!