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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fame again

There have been quite a lot news items recently about a shortage of blood donors in Spain. I heard one such item on a programme I often listen to as I drive to work and so I wrote a comment on their Facebook page.

This is what it said: 

Oí algo sobre los problemas de donación de sangre en vuestro programa y recientemente hay muchas noticias sobre la falta de sangre en España. La mayoría de los británicos que viven aquí, muchos con una historia de donación en el Reino Unido, no pueden donar por un decreto que tiene algo que ver con las "vacas locas" de los años 90 y la posibilidad de contraer la enfermedad de Creutzfeldt-Jakob - algo que no pasa. Un sencillo cambio de ley y, de repente, tendríamos más donantes. Espero que entiendas mi versión de español

Or more or less as a translation; 

I've heard something about the problems of blood donation on your programme and recently there have been a lot of news items about the lack of blood in Spain. The majority of the Britons who live here, many with a history of blood donation in the UK, can't give blood because we are banned by a Royal Decree which has something to do with the "mad cows" of the 1990s and the possibility of contracting Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease - something that hasn't happened. A simple change of the law and, hey presto, we'd have lots more donors. I hope you understand my version of Spanish.

Who knows, maybe someone might hear it, dust off the legislation and let me exchange half a litre of blood for a sandwich and a can of pop. No tea and biscuits in Spain.

If you want to hear it, and of course you will, the bit should be on the official embedded thingy below but I'm not sure it works - we've got Internet problems at the moment so I can't be sure. If not you might try this link at 13 minutes and 55 seconds for the programme Primera Hora 16/06/15.

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