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Monday, July 06, 2009

The house

Home. As I drove onto our front patio Maggie was there to greet me. Eduardo was sitting on a chair cleaning himself after a satisfying meal. The house looked very yellow. That was my first impression; very yellow.

We went on an inspection tour. The garden is a parched and withered jungle but the house looks OK. The detail in places is dreadful and there are some things that are laughable but the overall effect is fine. It's the building work of an enthusiastic amateur but it is definitely fine. OK, OK, OK. After all those months away to come back to a house that looks finished, with a roof, with gutters, with the patios largely clear of debris and with the interior dry and organised is a great relief. The new paint, done by a pal, finishes the place off nicely. Yellow with maroony red paintwork.

Written 5 July 2009

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