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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Yes, yes, yes, yes - No

The story of the replacement of the roof of our house is a long and soporific one.

When we finally had the note from the architect last year to say the work was completed to his satisfaction we took it to the Town Hall. The paperwork was stamped. "Is that it, is it all done?" I asked. The Councillor who stamped the paperwork said it was all done. Our architect had said it was all done.

But I didn't trust either of them.

On the original notification of planning permission there was a clause to say that we needed a certificate of "First Habitation." Normally that's the certificate you apply for when you build a new house to show it's safe and to code and suchlike so you can get water and electric connected. We've lived in the house for five years so, obviously, it wasn't the first habitation of the house.

"Right," said the chief chappie in the planning office, "you need a certificate of first habitation, well that's what we call it - it isn't like a certificate of first habitation - after all you have water and electric and stuff - but that's what we call it. You need to bring me a bunch of papers, here's a list, once you've done that I'll pop out to see it and then we'll issue the certificate."

Being Easter the office is closed so we've asked someone to sort it out on our behalf.

Reading this is better than bedtime Horlicks.

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Rob Innis said...

Hey Chris - Good luck with the Spanish admin!