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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tu vista favorita

For the past eleven weeks I've been watching a programme on Spanish telly called "Your favourite view." The format is simple; forty celebs, walked us through their favourite area of Spain, usually the area where they had grown up. To add a bit of spice the TV company hired a helicopter to overfly and film the chosen areas. Four views each week, a vote by text message and at the start of the next programme the winner of the last programme was announced. Spectacular views but basically standard stuff.

Tonight was the final. The ten chosen views were to do battle in a live show. The presenter, who has anchored the programme over the last ten weeks, had changed out of her habitual  red anorak and stripy T shirt and was dressed in a military style jacket and spike heeled fetish boots. The setting was the helicopter hangar. No audience, just the presenter.

Voting was only possible via the TV company's website. The cumulative vote was shown throughout the show so it soon became pretty obvious which views weren't in the running. Nonetheless, as the programme neared its end I went online to vote even though my favourite was in the cat in hell section.

I had to register. I had to wait for an email response. Before I got a response the system closed down. Never mind, Trujillo wsan't going to win anyway. The Cañón del Río Lobos in Soria did. That's it in the snap.

Excellent programme I thought but maybe Cuatro should get a bit of advice on both voting methods and building up the voting tension from those Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor people.

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Rob Innis said...

Wished I had seen these programs - I get a bit stuck on La Sexta and TVE1