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Thursday, January 06, 2011


I've said before that I rather suspect that our planet will shrug off humankind has it has so many other "supreme" species in it's history. That doesn't mean I'm not willing to try to recycle carrier bags, walk when I don't need the car and make all those other little cynical gestures that I'm told will "save the planet" for "future generations."

You can still buy ordinary incandescent bulbs in Spain but generally we use low consumption stuff wherever the situation allows. The other day the bulb in one of the ceiling fittings started to flicker and the spares we had on hand were the wrong wattage. So, when I was back in Cartagena  I walked up to one the big supermarkets and got a replacement and a couple of spares. Three bulbs, 24€. I notice on the (excessive) packing that it says the bulb will last eight years. Hang on though, the ceiling this bulb was attached to wasn't there till Easter 2009 because we'd only just got a new roof. In fact, the bulb has lasted maybe 20 months instead of the 96 promised. Never mind, not much to be done; can you imagine trying to get a replacement bulb under guarantee after a couple of years?

I paid for one of the made from unbleached cotton re-usable carrier bags to carry the bulbs and my other purchases home and fretted a little.

Blow it, time for a little payback. I caught the bus home.

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