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Monday, February 21, 2011

Smarter than the average bear

Eduardo the cat isn't keen on the journey between Culebrón and Cartagena. In fact he definitely doesn't like it. His protest is a loud wailing from the start to finish of the journey. Sometimes his protest is reminiscent of Bobby Sands.

Eduardo the cat isn't keen on the flat in Cartagena. Warmer than the unheated parts of the Culebrón house maybe but lacking in key elements such as the ability to wander freely and the opportunity to slaughter smaller species of animal.

We were packing up to go. Cats may have smallish brains but Eduardo spotted the signs. Glum expressions on our faces, movement back and forth to the car with bags and boxes. He's learned the trick; run away and Uncle Geoff turns up to feed him. It's worked well when we have had no option, when work awaits on Monday morning 110 kms and ninety minutes down the road; on a schedule. Tonight though we waited him out. He thought it was safe. He came back to soak up the heat in front of the gas fire.

He looks very sorry for himself, his face buried in his blanket on the sofa in the Cartagena flat.

Missing Culebrón.


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