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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pieces of Eight

No political meetings this afternoon. Instead we went treasure hunting.

If you've never done a car treasure hunt the idea is pretty simple. You are given some sort of route to follow - sometimes the route is explained in words, sometimes it's a map and sometimes it's written in crossword puzzle cryptic style. Along the route the "competitors" have to collect specific pieces of information and sometimes physical items - beermats used to be a favourite in bygone, pre drink drive legislation, days in the UK. Obviously running into a boozer and swiping a beermat was unthinkable but if you bought a glass of something the mat came as a free gift.

The local branch of the Royal British Legion, working with one of the local Brit run bars, El Cortijo, organised the treasure hunt around the Pinoso area. Splendid idea I thought, something a bit different to do on a Sunday afternoon, a fund raiser for the Legion and a meal afterwards back at el Cortijo.

When we'd finished the route and polished off the food I began to fret about getting home to do a bit of prep work for the coming week. I never feel comfortable about breaking out the brandy in front of the telly till I have my classes ready. Nevertheless, it would have been churlish not to hang on for the prize giving, so we did.

I'm glad we did. Amazingly we won the prize for  the best two person crew and we carried away chocolates and cava as a prize. So it looks as though I'll have some chocs to eat with the brandy in front of the telly then!

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