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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swearing like troopers

Following the elections of 22 May today was the day for the new council to start its term of office in Pinoso. I went to the Town Hall to watch the noontime ceremony.

The thirteen councillors were all there. First of all they swore an oath to be nice councillors. Some chose to place their hand on a thick gold and green book as they said their piece while others chose a thinner black book. I asked two people in the crowd what the books were but they didn't know. I presume one was a bible and the other a non religious legal text but I'm probably wrong.

The five candidates for mayor, those are the people who headed up the electoral lists for their respective parties, where then asked whether they wished to maintain their nominations to be mayor. Two backed down (the ones who have done a deal with the victorious PSOE party) so there were just three nominees in the vote amongst the thirteen councillors. It all went to plan, three votes for the chap who was mayor until today, two for the man who was deputy mayor until today and eight votes from the PSOE, PSD, BLOC alliance for Lázaro Azorín who is now our new mayor.

Bit more swearing, the handing over of the symbolic staff of office and then a speech from Lázaro.

That was enough fun for me for one day and I came home. Fair sized crowd though.

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