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Life in Culebrón is a disconnected series of pieces about the banal and ordinary of everyday life in an inland Alicante village seen from my very British perspective.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our tax euros at work

We live a couple of hundred of metres off a tarmac road. It's a dirt track running to our front gate. Every time there is a torrential downpour, and they are not infrequent in sunny Culebrón, the water digs canyons into the track. Potentially suspension breaking gullies.

Today there was some rumbling down the track and there was a corporation digger regrading the track.

The lad on the corner said that they're doing it because it's fiesta time in the village this weekend and they're sprucing the place up a bit.

1 comment:

ovais said...

At least they're doing it.
They don't bother paving the road here at all. Unless they're making a new flyover or something.. which takes two years at the least.