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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The rest is silence

It's quiet in Culebrón. The wildlife makes a noise it's true but the chirping of the birds hardly constitutes noise pollution. On the other hand it's not quiet in the centre of Cartagena where we lived until just two days ago.

Oddly though I've noticed the noise here in Culebrón much more than I did in Cartagena. In town the passing crowds produce a constant background hum. Occasionally there are shouts and bangs but, generally the noise level is pretty consistent and almost unnoticeable.

Culebrón doesn't really have background noise. Culebrón is still and quiet. We haven't got our summer cicadas yet. I was outside the other night enjoying the warm evening air possibly with a brandy and a cigar to hand. Peaceful. Then a car passed, making a right racket, then another. Next the dog at the farm down the way went guau, guua, guau (Spanish dog you understand). An insistent and unpleasant bark. Our neighbours dog answered.

Time to get back inside and watch the telly I thought.

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