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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Decisions, decisions

Unless I suddenly flee the country or unless I have a violent argument with my new landlady I expect to become a resident of La Unión next week.

Yesterday I handed over the fee to the estate agent for introducing me to my new flat and next Tuesday I will meet my new landlady and hand over a month's rent and the breakage deposit.

When the agent told me that the landlady wanted to see my wage slips I said that I would like to see her wage slips too and asked that he pass on that message to her. It's obvious enough why she wants to see my wage slips. I'm a risk for her. She lets me into her house and, like all tenants, once I'm in I'm difficult to get out. She doesn't know if I'm the sort of person who will pay my bills or not. She doesn't know if I will smash up her furniture or play loud reggae music at 3am to amuse the neighbours. Wage slips don't actually prove anything of course. Richer people than me like reggae and don't pay bills. Past employment isn't proof of future employment.

I am tempted to be bolshie about it. It's an intrusion into my privacy that I don't like at all. Spaniards don't see it that way at all of course. They are used to handing over identity cards to all and sundry so what does it matter if someone asks your age or how much you earn?

Anyway, provided I don't end up having an argument with my new landlady I will be a resident of La Unión from next Tuesday and I had to decide whether that merited a new blog title or not. The logic was irrefutable. Life in La Unión is now on the tabs at the top of the page or on this link

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