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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Right under your nose

Pinoso, the HQ for Culebrón,  is a village rather than a town. It's nice though. Neat, tidy, rich, safe with lots of facilities and, if you look carefully, it has some interesting corners.

We have a bit of a museum; a museum of marble and wine. If you have 20 short minutes to kill it's well worth a visit. The very first time we went there a couple of the information boards mentioned a Roman road and some Iron Age petroglyphs, plus a few other bits and bats, of which we knew nothing. We went looking for them with mixed success. We found the silex quarry and the stone shelters for shepherds or cucos and we got to walk around some very pleasant countryside but the things that sounded more spectacular eluded us.

At the Maxi Banegas poetry awards they forced sausages, wine and tourist literature upon us. Maggie actually had a look inside the tourist brochures and noticed that some of the spots we had failed to bag on our earlier expeditions now had latitude and longitude map references. A fairly lengthy session with Google Maps and Earth plus Tom Tom and I knew where to go.

Roman Road yesterday. Boundary marker between Murcia and Alicante and the Iron Age carvings today. The farthest I had to travel was out to Cañada del Trigo which is a massive 14km from home. Remarkable, coming in on twelve years here and still there are new things to see in Pinoso.

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