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Monday, December 04, 2006

Language and entrepeneurs

From before we moved to Spain I've always thought that being able to speak Spanish would be the key to making a successful life here.

I often despair of my language skills but I keep plugging away and I do think that they're getting a bit better. There are good days and bad days, good conversations and bad conversations. Maggie cheered me up a great deal when she pointed out that, nowadays, I can generally say what I want to say even if the language does grate and squeal a bit along the way.

So I was reading the paper and there was an article about podcasts and it mentioned a website called notes in spanish. I haven't actually explored the pages as thoroughly as I should have, mainly I've just downloaded the bunch of mp3 conversations and started to listen to them. This English chap and his Spanish wife came up with the idea of nattering away in everyday Spanish, uploading it to the web and then selling the transcripts and other bits and pieces that cluster around the conversation. In one of the podcasts they were offering the "opportunity" to have a conversation with the Spanish side of the partnership over the phone using Skype which would, of course, make the calls possible from any corner of the globe. I was impressed. A nice, simple idea. Selling something that lots of people want but making the money from the fringe activity. Not being too greedy, exploiting the internet in a nice simple way and the conversations I've listened to so far have been interesting - they sound like a couple of nice people.

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