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Monday, August 02, 2010

Always something new

Agost is a town just 40km from Culebrón. We've been there a couple of times but somehow we've managed to miss the thing that it's known for. It's famous for ceramics.

A pal took us to the workshop in the photo where the owner gave us a quick demonstration of his skills at the potter's wheel and a tour of the old Arab style kiln before pressing free gifts into our hands to suck us into buying something. He needn't have worried, I fancied one of the botijas, Maggie was captivated by the bowls and we bought an essential garlic storage jar too.

A botija is an earthenware jar - this one is for water. It's porous so that the heat needed to evaporate the water cools it down. You drink the water by tipping up the botija, the water spurts from the small spout so no worry about passing germs from person to person. Of course it's easy to get a mini shower at the same time.

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